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Thread: Account types

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    Question Account types


    with the installation of flynax, since there are three account types: visitor, buyer and seller.

    I created two new account types (for exemple: seller1 and buyer1) and deactivated the three visitor accounts, buyer and seller.

    Now appears on the main page:
    add a listing
    recently added
    seller accounts (but is inactive on account types)
    sellers1 accounts

    Could you help?
    how can I leave only seller1 account in mainpage?

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    by the sound of it you have checked the 'create sub directory' when create account types. This will create a page for all the users for that account type.

    You will need to go into admin panel / pages / find the page relating to the account type and click edit. There will be an option where to choose wether its in the main menu/footer menu, you will need to change that to how you want it

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    wow, it's working now
    Many thanks for the help

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    you could help in other questions?
    I need to change the mask field phone currently is (xxx) 123-45678 and need to change to (xxx) 1234-5678, can change the admin panel or do I have in the database?

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    Go into the phonefield in AP and change it there.

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    I'll do some tests


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    I'm still having this doubt

    In field format (phone number) (xx) 123-45678
    but i need (xx) 1234-5678 where should I change this mask?

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    Hello Aroldo jose,

    You should go to ftp://includes>>classes>>reefless.class.php

    find function with name: 'parsePhone' and change code from:

    PHP Code:
    Only registered members can view the code

    PHP Code:
    Only registered members can view the code
    save and check again.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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    Thanks Viktor

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