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Thread: Ad Listings Gaps

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    Re: Ad Listings Gaps

    They look great for alignment now John, but how come at times it only displays 3 ads, another time 4, another time 5? Why not fill all 6 ads in area? I have at least 6 ads available to display? My setting in admin is for 6 ads?!? Thanks John...

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    Re: Ad Listings Gaps

    Hello Christina,
    I see that you created new Advertising categories like: "Banner Right", "Banner Left" and "Banner Bottom". Some of your Advertising listing added to "Banner Right" category.
    Only this category listings does not appear in the "Advertising Listings" block.
    Why? Because you didn't build "Short Form" and "Featured Form" for your new categories.
    No display forms no listing displaying, easy.

    Also some of your test advertising listings have not values except image, such listings won't be displayed as well.


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