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Thread: Listing Fields based on Listing Plan

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    Listing Fields based on Listing Plan

    Excuse me if I already asked this, but I couldn't find the thread if I did.

    I do not want to offer a "website URL" field on the free package, but would like to display for all the paid packages. Think that field is incentive to upgrade. It's a great selling tool because if you have a website, most likely your a company that can afford a few bucks to advertise their site in a listing. Also, a company could generalize their company in one free listing instead of buying packages for different animals or products. Currently, it's too easy to get away with a freebie as a big company. Is there a way to list fields based on listing plan? Thanks!

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    Re: Listing Fields based on Listing Plan


    Direct field and plan listing does not relate, they interact through categories, you can assign categories to all the required fields and then go into the listing plan (which you need), and indicate the category that you tied the fields, and it will work.

    Have a nice day!

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