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Thread: Select more option one time

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    ok i tested the code and nonibanacu is right still not working with the last version..

    as you can see here http://prntscr.com/gnytyr

    not editable as admin and not showing values !
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    I also think that this should be standard as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viktor View Post
    Hello Veronika,

    I am so happy. Because 10 month this post was ignored. There have been no reviews and you first who want it

    Yes may be I forgot about it in admin panel

    Did you tried it in admin panel? is it works?
    Can you please share full tutorial for adding new simple/ multi input Listing field type?
    for example i need to add Licence plate Filed Type with the flowing format:
    i just created new filed type using your tutorial but i cannot show it on listing page, listings with this filed type ( if i fill it) is not showing up, i get 500 error for that listing, it is working on add/edit listing, data is saving on database with my desire format (d:66|c:ب|n:666|z:56 cloned from phone number)



    do i need to add/ edit another files? what files / classes we need to modify benefit full functionality of new listing filed type? like showing/searching it ?
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