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Thread: Many thanks to the Flynax Team!

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    Talking Many thanks to the Flynax Team!

    I want to thank you for a good working relationship in the ending year for trust, loyalty, and the pleasant cooperation.
    And I wish the Flynax Team and their families a happy and blessed Christmas, good luck, health and success in the new year.

    Best Regards
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    I would like to second that. The Flynax team has been great this year, there have been lots of changes and no doubt a big workload.

    I would also like to wish all the Flynax team a Happy Christmas and New Year and also the same to all the other flynax users.


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    I second that too. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!
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    I second that too. Great team!

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    I second that too...you guys at flynax are great.... App Developers thank you tooo

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