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I have updated the plugin with your new version that I supposed it is fixed completly. Unfortunatly it is not.

You made some changes on my site few weeks ago and everything was working perfect. Afther I have updated the plugin, I have lost all my sublevel fields. The same problem I had before. It is unreal!!!! Now I am on the begining again.

And you can`t tell me that I`ve made it by refresh functions for rebuild or recreate as I don`t have them. You have removed them from my admin panel by my request. It is a bug in the plugin that is not fixed with new plugin update.
I need that you made me the same changes you made before to fix this bug. Take it from the backup if you need to. And I will not update this plugin never again as I can`t afford it happens again when I will have listings on the site.
I am really disappointed with that bug.
I have clear the cache,and i dont see the data in search forms and Add Listing .Users are unable to select the locations.any thoughts suggestions would be great help