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Thread: Mutifield plugin - fields are dissapearing themself

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    Mutifield plugin - fields are dissapearing themself

    Hi to everybody

    I am new here and want to start with a question to understand if I am the only user with this problem.

    I have the newest version of Flynax software. I have installed the multifiled plugin and it is not working well. First of all I saw that afther last plugin update the autocompletion field in the GEO filter is not working. I see it is on Flynax demo also (general simple template). I would like to know if that will work again soon?

    The biggest and main problem I have is this:

    I have created my own multifield with County / Region / Town. It was working good for a while, and than by night sublevel fields has dissapear. I goes than in the plugin, and add a new item in both levels and fields have been created again.
    But I lost it in all forms and listings. In my case doesn`t metter as the site is not launched yet and still under constrution.

    Afther some time it happens again, and again, and again... I am loosing the sublevel fields all the time. Works for few days or hours and than dissapears. They are no anymore in the list of listing fields and in the multifield plugin and data entry that levels are not connected to any field. I can create them again only by adding a new item. I am not sure what is the purpose of refress functions to recreate missing fields. But in my case it just loading and do nothing.
    I sent already a ticket about that.

    Does anyone else have the same problem with this plugin?

    * I have made caregories of states part of a new listing type called DESTINATIONS. On the map is written: Learn about My Country
    Here I will add text about all counties and regions and in listings will have just images, video and descriptions. I have created new listing types for HOUSES, FLATS, LANDS... and categories like each of them like for houses: STONE HOUSE, WOODEN HOSE, BRICK HOUSE...That way the search forms will better working and I can add more fields. I ordered a customization for send requests and users will able to type a search and save search results or send it as a request that others will see and be able to give offers.
    Additional I can use category filters for each category, for some other listing types.
    But I made it this way just because of the MULTIFIELD plugin. I like it a lot and wanted it from the first day. I added that fields to submit and search form for listings. Without that I can`t work this way and I need that fields to be stable and not possible to dissapear themself. That means it is the basic of my site and must work perfect.

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    Please wait next update of the plugin, i'm working on it and all know issues (which you reported too) will be fixed there. We are going to release the update in few days.

    I'm sorry for inconveniences.

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    I have the same issue here. I create multifield: country>states>region. When build states data, the field will automatically country_level1 then I renamed it to 'states'. When build 'region' data, the field will automatically country_level2 then I renamed it to 'region'. When try Refresh Rebuild Multi Fields or Rebuild Multi Fields the field will come back to country_level1 and country_level2 and all data related in submission form will gone away.

    Really need the new version of this plugin.

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    Same problem with me.
    Was recently reported in bug forum: http://www.flynax.com/forum/showthre...=3471#post3471

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    I have the same bug, Multifield and Category Filter also have the same bug. Fields disapear and shown time to time.

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    I'm sorry for inconveniences, still some minor things to do in the plugin.. we will release the next version in few days.

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    Dear Mike,

    I found another thing to change in this plugin. Read carefully and tell me what you can do about it, please.

    I`ve added listing fields of multifield in the search form because it is needed to give sence for SAVE SEARCH RESULTS. I can`t make the search forms without the location fields, the save search will have no sence than. What is my problem?
    When I submit a search, it opens the listing type page I`ve requested and I have refine search with location fields and GEO filter (Your Location) displays at the same time. It is bad and in conflict.
    I tried to uncheck checkboxes for listing type pages in settings for that box and left checked only categories. But that way the box don`t displays in the categories. I must check the pages of listing types if I want to see the geo filter in categories.

    What I need: I want the GEO filter box to display only in categories of my listing types. I don`t want it on the listing type page.

    Let me know as soon as possible. I belive others want that also so try to fix it in the new plugin version, please.

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    HM, it seams it was something with cash. It is working normally now. I have it just in categories as I wanted. Sorry!

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    No problem Tonci, glad you sorted it out.

    BTW update of plugin coming very very soon

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    I have updated the plugin with your new version that I supposed it is fixed completly. Unfortunatly it is not.

    You made some changes on my site few weeks ago and everything was working perfect. Afther I have updated the plugin, I have lost all my sublevel fields. The same problem I had before. It is unreal!!!! Now I am on the begining again.

    And you can`t tell me that I`ve made it by refresh functions for rebuild or recreate as I don`t have them. You have removed them from my admin panel by my request. It is a bug in the plugin that is not fixed with new plugin update.
    I need that you made me the same changes you made before to fix this bug. Take it from the backup if you need to. And I will not update this plugin never again as I can`t afford it happens again when I will have listings on the site.
    I am really disappointed with that bug.

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