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Thread: main page other default language

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    main page other default language

    I fund that code to have a default language on the main page, but still have "Eng" in the admin site.

    Default language: Go to includes > classes > rlLang.class.php > public function getLanguagesList
    after: PHP Code:
    if ($status == 'all') {
    $options = "WHERE `Status` <> 'trash'";
    } else {
    $where = array('Status' => $status);
    add: PHP Code:
    if (!defined('REALM')) {
    $options = " AND `Code` <> 'en'";
    Works, but than the menu for lang is disappear: See image


    What nee to be changed in the code :-)

    Thanks for help


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    - Make sure the English language is not set as the default

    - Try to clear your browser cookies

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