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Thread: Recommendation for project in git

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    Smile Recommendation for project in git

    Greetings, dear support.
    I want to get your advice on how to organize a project in gitlab\github for my website.
    My very first question is.
    Do you use git in Flynax projects and is it possible to do it correctly?
    The second thing I would like to know is.
    What files, folders would you recommend to keep in a project?

    Maybe I've searched badly, but I haven't found any mention of how to do customization. For example, to make integration with some service, which will include Rest Api, Curl and still need to understand where to store scripts.

    I will be glad to any useful information.

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    - The way we use git for Flynax script will not fit your case. You can initialize git for the whole project but ignore such directories as backup/, files/, tmp/, and vendor/

    - Unfortunately, we don't guide customers on making customizations. We can only point to files to modify
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    Thank you for the reply.
    I have a little more understanding to work with.

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