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Thread: Duplicate content (listings) issue within Geo Filtering

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    Duplicate content (listings) issue within Geo Filtering

    I have noticed an issue with duplicate listings when using Geo Filtering.

    As you can see below, the same listing uses different URLs:


    The problem is that Google Panda will give a Penalty to such website with pages full of duplicate content (listings).

    The best practice is to place all Listings under separate Directory “/listings/”, as shown on example below:

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    I think it's better that it only uses geofiltering. If you are using the plugin you are using it for a reason.
    Im using it to sort listings based on what state and county the listing are in, i dont really want it to show up as a "normal" link

    instead of

    The link below are from swedens bigget sell site.

    As you can see it have /blekinge/ wich is a state in sweden. This is better for location SEO

    So if we use the geo plugin it should automaticly turn of the normal links and only use the geo links.

    I have just started on the SEO section of my site as the site is done, i see some SEO problems with the script
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    I will try to find way to do links depending on listing location and not of current applied location, it will solve the issue and it's the only right way i see to solve it.

    Hope it will be done in the next plugin update.

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    I noticed another problem with Geo Filter considering duplicate content.

    As you can see below, the same categories use different URLs:

    Is it possible to block categories with normal links and display only categories with locations (Geo Filtering)?

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