i made a Update and got a cupple Problems after that.

Backend Plugins
Multifield/Location Filter -> No Add a Entry Button and No Tables - No Countrys for User to select an more!
Field-bound Boxes -> No Add a Box Button and No Tables
Report Listing -> No Buttons and no Tables
Remote Ads - No congiguator
Invoices -> No Invoice Tables
Affiliate Program - > No Tables
TagCloud -> No Tables -> Database have entrys for!
Data Entries Import - > No Import / Export

Renew - > Update sitemap.xml file - > Error -> Failed to update the sitemap.
Please increase the PHP parameters - memory_limit and max_execution_time, and try again.
I increased to 2048 M and 240 Sec, but still the same Problem

Dashboard Statistik do not work

I checked with flynax-diag.php again and everything is OK
Changed to PHP 7.4, 8.1 and 8.2

Current run on 7.4 again becouse Remote Ads not Running on PHP 8.1 and 8.2

PHP Error Log show me no errors
Browser-Console shows me no errors

Need help to fix this

Thank you