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Thread: A very Confused Customer

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    A very Confused Customer

    This is the second time in about two months that my website files have been deleted suspiciously.

    Not sure what is causing this as it could only be done from one of two avenues. either the webhost (bluehost) or someone with access otherwise. other than me, only Flynax support has been granted access to my files via ftp and I dont think that there's anyone from the Flynax team who would have done that - no reason to believe so. Nor have I.

    Is there some bug based on the plugins that I used, some configuration that just spazzes out and causes the files to be deleted?

    I dont know but I cant go through this another time. so I wont be reinstalling the flynax software - too bad.

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    May be the host provider has some anti malware virus software running on their server and it wiped out your data by mistake?

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    Hello Neil,

    Would you please create a ticket with the problem.
    I think we should solve it there.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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