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Thread: Landing pages plugin

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    Landing pages plugin

    Does anyone uses Landing pages script? Is it working?

    Is a premium script and i was expecting to run without problems
    -The Page title and meta description are not clean. After each one of them you get a slash and filters names( the one used for this landing page)
    - does not work with multi language site. When i visit the landing page for a language other than the main one, will get a 404 error and the site language is not the one that is supposed ( i used the link for portuguese but will take me to english version)

    I use PHP 8.1 but i also switch to 7.4 or 8 but the issues remain
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    I'm planning to buy it. Did you buy and use it yet?
    For safety I suggest you keep 7.4 for now until everything is updated to 8

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    I bought, of course. I check it with 3 php versions. &.4, 8 and 8.1 ( will work with main language but not with the other ones) I do not think is because of the php version)
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    I utilized a landing page plugin, but unfortunately, the sitemap isn't generating in relation to the landing page. I believe the developer needs to include it in the sitemap. Despite using it for almost a month, when I directly search the title on Google (searching my page), none of my pages display any results, even after manually requesting Google to crawl some of my pages.

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    My case also. I think is supposed to appear in /files/sitemap/sitemap_plugins1.xml But if visit this sitemap i get 404 error

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