I can not change passwords for any of my test accounts. And, I now can no longer log on to those accounts with the new or old password. Says invalid! It's messed up all the accounts by running the change password feature on a few of them. All 15 test accounts I can not log into anymore even if I didn't run the change password feature on each of them.

Also, if someone had a duplicate email and wanted it emailed to them, I wonder how your system handles multiple passwords/accounts to one email address?!? Not a biggie since I will turn off duplicate emails after setting up website.

Can anyone create an account on my site and then change the password without it locking up (continues spinning waiting for it to finish) and then you are no longer able to log in? And, how to fix the ones that are messed up? I had to have to delete them because all the listings I've been doing will be deleted as well. Thanks!

[attachment=0:4tm5cep5]password change.png[/attachment:4tm5cep5]