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Thread: Languages Import

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    Languages Import

    Greetings People,
    We offer free Flynax translations and you have abilities to download any of them in the Customer Area on http://www.flynax.com
    I would like to post an instruction which will help you to import language correctly,
    follow the following instruction step by step please.

    Do not import the new language if such language already exist in your site.

    1. Download the necessary language from Flynax download area.
    2. Unzip archive locally.
    3. Go to Admin Panel > Languages and Click on Import button
    4. Choose the language .sql file in appeared form and Click Import

    So new language is imported, now new languages phrases kit may be different from already exist languages,
    we should compare new language with one of already exist language and copy not exist phrases from old language to new.
    Lets use German Language as New imported language.

    1. go to Admin Panel > Languages
    2. Click "Compare" button
    3. Choose English and German languages to compare (Compare mode: By phrases exist)
    4. click Compare
    5. results page will show you the phrases which does not exist in German languages
    6. Click "Copy English phrases into the German" to copy not exists phrases to German
    7. Now you may see one window with German phrases (in English yet) bellow English Phrases
    8. You may translate these phrases here, just click on value to edit and CTRL+Enter or unfocus field to save changes.

    Ok, now new language has the same phrases as all another.
    Feel free to ask your question in this thread.
    Good Luck!

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    Can you guide me I want to have URDU language for my template. Is this possible to have it.

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    If you are going to translate it on your own, best way is to create new language in the admin panel and then translate phrases.

    Import is for already translated language files.

    So if you have URDU language file you can import, otherwise please create new language. Also you can get any other language file and on it's example create your URDU language file, in this case translation can be done with any text editor.

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    Translating to thai

    I will need to add the thai language to my site some time soon, The default language is english at the moment.

    Can i export just the full column 'Value' from the 'fl_lang_keys' table from my database?
    I could then get the full column translated to thai.

    When I add the new language thai in the admin panel>Languages, When I compared english with thai it automatically puts the english phrases into the thai language pack adding phrases to the database.

    So could i then just import the translated thai column 'Value' into the thai section of the fl_lang_keys table, overwriting the duplicated english phrases.

    If anyone knows of an easier way to do this, your suggestions are very welcome.

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    Hi Stephen,
    I'm not sure that understand your idea about value field unfortunately, i will try to explain few methods of translating.

    Best and most convenient for me method is to translate in admin panel:
    - you need to create new languages based on english language for example, then translate phrases in language manager (double click on text, translate, save changes)

    If you to work with mysql files more convenient to you or you need to pass it to somebody who don't have access to languages manager you can do following:

    Create new language based on existing english language, then export it - you will have all data correct except Value (phrase text) itself.
    Then open file, translate text, save.

    Then delete created language in admin panel and import your translated file.

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    Yeah sorry mike, i'll try to explain it better. I'm asking if you think this way will work.

    I have created a new language Thai in the admin panel and compared with English. So now i have all the English phrases also in the Thai language pack.

    If i go into my SQL database and export the table 'fl_lang_keys' to say CSV (so i can easily edit with excel), this table contains all the English phrases that are now in both the English and Thai languages packs.

    Within the table you have columns called ID, Code, Module, Key, Value and a few more.

    The column called 'Code' in SQL database has 'EN' for English and 'TH' for Thai.
    The column called 'Value' in SQL database is the one with all the English phrases in that need translating.

    So using Excel I can copy all the English phrases that are in the Thai section under the 'Value' column and have them translated.
    Once they have been translated I should be able to import the Thai phrases back into the 'Value' column of the database.

    Thanks Steve

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    I cen not Create new language based on existing english language. arrows round long time without changing finish the task, please help! thanks.Attachment 1573

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    Hello Moshe Toren,

    Please submit a ticket to our helpdesk with ftp login details in order to get this fixed.

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    New imported lang isn't showing in backend

    Hello I tried to import lang file and it showing me message that new language is successfully imported, but new language isn't showing.

    You already have my our website logins.

    Can you please check ?

    Please don't disturbe Spanish lang and test with any another lang, if all good I will do same for Spanish lang later (already did some manual transtaltions there)

    website url - sanandresclasificados.com


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    Hello Lyon,

    What a language did you try to import?

    Also would you please send new ftp access to my PM.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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