Greetings People,
We offer free Flynax translations and you have abilities to download any of them in the Customer Area on
I would like to post an instruction which will help you to import language correctly,
follow the following instruction step by step please.

Do not import the new language if such language already exist in your site.

1. Download the necessary language from Flynax download area.
2. Unzip archive locally.
3. Go to Admin Panel > Languages and Click on Import button
4. Choose the language .sql file in appeared form and Click Import

So new language is imported, now new languages phrases kit may be different from already exist languages,
we should compare new language with one of already exist language and copy not exist phrases from old language to new.
Lets use German Language as New imported language.

1. go to Admin Panel > Languages
2. Click "Compare" button
3. Choose English and German languages to compare (Compare mode: By phrases exist)
4. click Compare
5. results page will show you the phrases which does not exist in German languages
6. Click "Copy English phrases into the German" to copy not exists phrases to German
7. Now you may see one window with German phrases (in English yet) bellow English Phrases
8. You may translate these phrases here, just click on value to edit and CTRL+Enter or unfocus field to save changes.

Ok, now new language has the same phrases as all another.
Feel free to ask your question in this thread.
Good Luck!