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Thread: Languages Import

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    Hi Viktor

    Just email you the ftp details. Actually I want Spanish lang on this website, but I was trying to upload Dutch lang for testing how is it work.

    In Spanish Lang I already did many translations to I don't want to take any risk of loosing data.


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    Italian Lnaguage

    Italian Language is not listed the Download Language Area.

    Where I can download the Italian Language sql file to to import?

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    Hello Lyon Zonamyari,

    If you want I can migrate your Spanish phrases to new site. But you should create a new ticket with your request.

    Hello Carovac Besim,

    Italian language for the realty script doesn't exist. May be in future we will add the language. If you want you can take other lang and translate phrases yourself then I will help you install new language on your site.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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    Question Italian and German languages

    In the demo version are the Italian and German languages. How can I import these languages to the web? There is no download option in the Flynax download area. Do not these files exist? How can we get them?

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    Hello, every body i'm looking for Urdu ( Pakistan) , Hindi ( India) Punajbi ( India) languages if some one have files for import or if some one know where I can get please let me know I want to add these 3 languages to my site.
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