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Thread: Can I local host or can someone do the mods for me ?

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    Can I local host or can someone do the mods for me ?

    I posted this in "Technical Questions"....but maybe I should ahve posted it here - seeing that it says 'customization' in the subheading. Anyway...

    My site has been using the "under construction" plugin for over a year. I had to source an outside programmer, because the flynax development team said it was too much work for them to consider. Fair enough, so I found a gentleman already proficient in working with Flynax. Php programmers are plentiful, but to have a basic understanding of Flynax, makes it so much easier - knowing that the admin area can achieve so much by just ticking a few boxes.... However, unfortunately the gentleman who has been working on the site has disappeared. Just disappeared.... I cannot go to Flynax because their conditions are, that they have to be involved with all modifications from the beginning. Two questions... 1) I have noticed a couple of people on this form mention that they run it locally for development purposes - something which I don't mind having a go at myself - I could "trial and error" my changes on my laptop and if it works.... make the changes to the "online" site... so is that a possibility ? 2) Where can I go for some programming help apart from the 'usual' freelancer sites.... A lot of my mods are not requiring rocket skills !... Any suggestions out there please ?? With thanks, James.

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    1. Absolutely, you can work offline locally then upload the change to your live site, since it's in under construction mode it's even easier, you don't have to worry about loss ads data during uploading changes. You can try some of the local machine software. In my case, I use a mac so I use MAMP Pro, windows have different softwares
    2. This I have no idea, I always asked Flynax staff for help.

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    Wei, thanks for your reply. A person has just installed xampp on my windows machine - it didn't work - whether that's because it's xampp or his skills I don't know. So if anyone successfully uses xampp, (or other windows based software), I'd appreciate knowing... I have plenty of time on my hands and to some degree I do enjoy playing around with coding - to date just in content boxes, which is pretty safe as I can just inactivate, and no harm done, but now I have to look a bit deeper - hence the need to work totally offline - just in case !!

    With regards to Flynax's policy of not wanting to customize if it's not from the very beginning - I totally understand the logic, even from just a learning standpoint - ie, what has someone done and why written in such a way ??!!

    This is our second licence with Flynax - Flynax did all the customizations on the first licence - quite a few mods and very happy with. But like I said, this one was quite a bit more mods and I guess it could have tied someone up a bit too long. My sistuation - I think it's 95% (yes 95%) finished. I would give it to Flynax in a heart-beat, (on a 'no guarantees' condition).... but I respect their decision.... (If anyone from Flynax reading this ??!!).

    As for my programmer who has disappeared - I hope he's OK - uncontactable for 2 months now ? - but apart from jumping on a plane to the other side of the world and start looking for him - I don't have any other choice but to finish it either myself (my 'trial and error approach' could take me another year !) or find someone who can 'get me over the line'... Again, can anyone help or at least point me in the right direction ? With thanks, James.

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