My site has been using the "under construction" plugin for over a year. I had to source an outside programmer, because the flynax development team said it was too much work for them to consider. Fair enough, so I found a gentleman already proficient in working with Flynax. Php programmers are plentiful, but to have a basic understanding of Flynax, makes it so much easier - knowing that the admin area can achieve so much by just ticking a few boxes.... However, unfortunately the gentleman who has been working on the site has disappeared. Just disappeared.... I cannot go to Flynax because their conditions are, that they have to be involved with all modifications from the beginning. Two questions... 1) I have noticed a couple of people on this form mention that they run it locally for development purposes - something which I don't mind having a go at myself - I could "trial and error" my changes on my laptop and if it works.... make the changes to the "online" site... so is that a possibility ? 2) Where can I go for some programming help apart from the 'usual' freelancer sites.... A lot of my mods are not requiring rocket skills !... Any suggestions out there please ?? With thanks, James.