I have just realized that, qrCode plugin not showing phone number when scan QR code.

The plugin have a small setting in AP>Basic Settings>qrCode

You should select phone field from a list. But when you scan QR code in a listing detail, there is no phone number.

I noticed that the list mentioned in AP is "listing fields" while it should be "account fields" based on the plugin codes.

It seems the problem has been existed from the first version!


Go to plugins/qrcode/rlQrCode.class.php

Only registered members can view the code.
Change to :
Only registered members can view the code.
(There are two. change both of them)

Then go to AP>Basic Settings>qrCode and now, it shows all account fields. Select your desire phone field, then save.

Now it should save phone number in QR image file and when you scan it, you should see phone number.