Would love to see these additional features for the mass mailer that I'm sure many customers would love.

1) Allow email import! I have a program that generates emails from specific sites that I know have similar interest as my classifieds. But, I still need to find a good mass mailer that I can import the emails to send them out.

2) Support Unsubscribe within each email by allowing us to put a simple parameter in it like you do the regular email templates like {site_url} but be {unsubscribe}. Think this should be in the regular newsletter anyway. Currently, they have to be told to go to the site, unsubscribe, go back to email to confirm. Alot of work!

3) Be sure no duplicate emails are added or imported into the system. That way if they unsubscribe, you don't send another email/newsletter to them.

4) Recipients need to be somewhat separate from the regular newsletter because there is a limit to sending to unsolicited addresses. Might be nice if you could still use the same newsletter created tho if wanted.

5) Something showing that you sent so many emails to them already and some way to select the ones that haven't been sent to yet.

As long as there is an unsubscribe (that works unlike many spam) in the email, it's perfectly legal to send an email to unsolicited. Just can not abuse it! I believe there might be a limit even if they don't hit subscribe, but I could be wrong.

Mass Mailers can get more deeper like verify if they read the email to see if valid email address, but that gets a bit deep. But I think the key areas above, are easily doable and gives another key sale feature for future buyers of your programs and makes current customers happy.