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Thread: BUG : New users with expired status

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    BUG : New users with expired status

    Hello all

    My Flynax board has 1800 members so it is a nice success.
    But I have a bug : many of my new users have an "expired" status, even if they have paid their registering fee.

    Note that my board has a life-long membership, so no user should have an "expired" status.

    When, as admin, I try to edit a user with an expired status, I see he has an "Active" status. I see no mention of "expired" status anywhere.

    Any idea how to fix that ?

    My members are paying a registering fee so of course they COMPLAIN A LOT when they get an expired status. I understand them...

    Thank you all for your help

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    You need to create a ticket for further investigation of this issue


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