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Thread: Contact form at the bottom of listing detail page

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    Hi Andreas_M,

    Can u PM me your site.
    I want to see your work.

    Quote Originally Posted by Andreas_M View Post

    I would like to show the contact owner form at the bottom of listing detail pages and I also need a checkbox before sending the message, like I accept the terms of use and privacy policy.

    Do anyone have this solution?

    Would it also be possible to put more contact owner buttons into the detail pages / between the field groups?
    I tried to copy the code, but every time just one of these buttons was working.

    Thanks & best regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viktor View Post
    Hello All,

    I don't know what Vladimir show the code but he didn't show how to move contact form to listing details tab,

    Contact form code you can ind in listing_details.tpl file:

    Only registered members can view the code.
    then find comment
    Only registered members can view the code.
    and insert it form above this comment.
    Hello Viktor. If i try to use the usual button of contact wich opens the popup window and in adition add your code, both areas will stop working. any ideea how to overcome this?

    the words counter dissapears and than, random i get message that i must fill in the text even if i filled in the message. if i remove your code and leave just the regular contact button, the contact button and popup box works ok. thanks

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    Hello Petrache Nicolae,

    Please add this code and write me in PM I will show it on your site and may be fix it
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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    How can I add the contact form as another tab on the listings page??

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    thank you for the code

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