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Thread: Remote Storage plugin

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    Remote Storage plugin

    Hello Flynax!

    In the tweet you say about the Remote Storage plugin. Where to find this plugin and how to get more information about this feature?


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    This plugin will allow storing files in the cloud services like amazon or some remote server

    The release date is not defined yet

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    Ok, Thanks!

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    Very good plugin...can you tell us how will work?
    will storage all pictures at cloud or something else?
    will be fast this?
    will be release at this year?

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    - The plugin will store photos/videos of listings and account photos on a remote storage server.
    - Download speed depends on how far the user is from the server chosen by the admin. If nearby, then the download will be carried out quickly (as on a regular hosting)
    - The release of the plugin may be this year, or maybe next, it's hard to say yet.
    Our developers is working on the plugin.
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    Best wishes.

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