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Thread: If "Rent" is selected "Rent Time Frame" dropdown... HOW??

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    If "Rent" is selected "Rent Time Frame" dropdown... HOW??

    Hi everyone.. I'm trying to implement this option (already existing on the realty version of flynax).

    I have a category called: Apartments.

    A person can Sell or Rent the apartment, what i want to do is:

    IF the person SALE the house than PRICE FIELD appears.

    IF the person RENT the house than RENTAL PRICE + RENT TIME FRAME appears.

    How can i do this?


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    Hy Matteo,

    a good question. I also would like to know how it is possible to create a listing field which appears when a certain selection in an other listing field is selected. Like Rent -> rent time frame. Can anyone help??

    Thanks in advance.

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    Have you tried geo location plugin. It may work. Maybe it's worth a try

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