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Thread: Caching is killing me.

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    Caching is killing me.

    Difficulties due to excessive caching, or I don't know what to call it.

    I changed cars path to автомобили,
    then I noticed urls like
    /ru/russia/автомобили.html?page=ru&rlVareables=автомобил и.
    To check if the cause is the path that I added I changed it back(removed), but it don't want to be changed.

    Please, How to get rid of caching?
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    I checked this error on a newly installed script.

    sile.com/ru/kyrgyzstan/автомобили.html?page=ru&rlVareables=автомобил и

    This kind of urls appear if:
    enabled Multilingual paths,
    AND Short URL in listing types,
    AND added new path
    AND when selected the language with new path.

    SHOULD be fixed!

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    This kind of URL addresses that does not give an error in the browser kills the SEO of sites!

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