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Thread: Featured box

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    Featured box

    I have several questions for Featured box:
    - title and price do not appear anymore below the photo. How to change that ?
    - where can I find a list of all Featured properties ?
    - will you have a featured box more active, every 5 seconds, changing without reloading the page and/or with arrows on the side to see the other Featured ?
    - how to make a new bow of Recently added properties ?
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    *Go to categories in admin panel, here you have your list of categories, on the right is the action column, click build icon. Here you can add fields to all the forms, including submit form, short form, listing title form and featured form. Click 'build featured form' Then drag the fields across to the left side and these should show in your featured box.

    You can either do this for every category....or if you use the master category option you only need to do it once.

    **To add a recently added box you will need to install the 'listing box' plugin, with this you can create a box for either popular, recently added or random listings.

    ***For a more active featured box i would submit a ticket for alterations.
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