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Thread: Problem with Type in database/category

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    Problem with Type in database/category

    Hello and sorry for my poor english.
    I am in the process of customizing my script for my needs and I want to modify or add a Type in my database but it does not work, the entry stay by default and the change not take effect.
    For example replace motors by dog. If I only change the translation, motors stays in the url so it's not suitable. Do you know how to proceed to change the name of my category type ?

    I know Flynax purpose a script with animals but the structure of the templates are not correct for my use.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    Why not consider adding a new listing type and calling it as you need? )

    or you can just rename the titles of the current listing type in Listings Types > your listing type > Edit, in Forms > Search Forms and in Content > Pages > listing type page > Edit

    Note that the name of the listing type key is not used anywhere on the site
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    All right thanks Rudi for your explain.
    I think i don't explore the particularity of the customization of the script.
    I will take a closer look at this. So this will add me a new type?

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    It's ok Rudi sorry.
    It's my fault because i make a bad translation in admin panel.
    Everything is ok. Thanks a lot !
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