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Thread: PHP 5.4 Support

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    Post PHP 5.4 Support

    Hi everyone. I just installed flynax code on my local machine to debug and develop new features.
    I have PHP 5.4 installed so i had some errors first.

    I have fixed everything and just got that someone may need my help.
    So if you have troubles in installing your flynax on PHP 5.4 feel free to ask for a help.

    Please copy your error log here with a question.

    Thank you!

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    I have tried to install it on wamp but with no luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milea Ionut View Post
    I have tried to install it on wamp but with no luck!
    Maybe should add what kind of problem you have than just, "dont work".

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    I have some problems configuring wamp for flynax. Check the image.

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    I have tried to enable curl but i am getting a lot of errors. The PHP version is 5.4.3.
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    You have a mysql version that aren't working with Flynax. And you have to install IonCube. Just google IonCube wamp guide
    And you dont have to install curl

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    I have installed mysql 5.1.x but still the same error with Mysql. Ioncube is ok now.

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    I can list few changes they will make flynax working with php 5.4, i played with it already. as i remember just 2-3 changes

    php 5.4.11
    mysql 5.5

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    Mike F,
    could you please post those changes?


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    Sorry for delay, here they are:

    1. includes/classes/rlHook.class.php -- function load -- replace the function completely with the code

    PHP Code:
    Only registered members can view the code
    Just installed clean 4.1 on php 5.4 - it works after the changes. If you still have problems let me know error message you see i will try to help.
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