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Thread: Reset Location function navbar doesn't work

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    Reset Location function navbar doesn't work

    Hello guys!
    To check that out I installed 4.9 version again. In the local machine reset location feature does not work if it configured in the navigation bar.

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    I need more details of the problem including a screenshot

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    Hi Rudi!

    I set up this box to be appeared in the "Box",
    After some modification/customization to check if everything is OK I set its place to "User Navigation Bar in header", but Reset Location button didn't do its work, didn't react to clicks on.
    I thought maybe I messed up something. After some searching for the cause of the error, I decided to install the script again. Installed on the server and on the local machine. It works on the server but does not respond to clicks on the local machine. I removed cache files and cookies several times.

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