Hi everyone...

I would like to know if is possible to apply this thing as i'm not really good with Php.

When someone want to add a New Listing this is what happens:

1-Select a Category
2-Select a Plan
3-Fill Out a Form -->>

Ok... Here we can personalize the form for every category etc.... but here is the thing i want to modify. When someone insert the "City" is it possible than the field automatically shows him the options?

For example:

"CITY" if i insert "New.." automatically the field give me the option : -New York -New Orleans -New Something Other City eccc....

It's similar to the Country Selection of the GEO Filtering... When you write your country it gives you the options.. if I write "Zim... " Is gonna give me as option to select "Zimbawe" or if i type " United..." it gonna give me the option to select United States of America.

This could be made modyfing Php and Sql but no idea! As i dont want to cause problem to the code and then calling flynax support as a crazy! LOL

Thank's for the help!