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Thread: Listing packages unclear

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    Listing packages unclear

    I have some doubts with packages.

    My test user has two packages. One free, one featured.

    Why do they both have a "Renew" button? They will never expire as they are both unlimited. Also, the one that is free, doesn't make sense to renew, there is nothing to pay and it is also the "Default" package.

    On the other hand, I have made the free package with listings live for 30 days. Long enough to sell, short enough to remove if the listings are "abandoned". However, if the user has a featured plan, it has unlimited standard listings and 1 featured listing. There is only one field to setup life of the listings, 7 days in my case. This means the standard ones will be 7 days only, same as the featured?

    What is exactly the difference between the standard and featured? The software allows to choose how many of each I want to give with the package, but I do not want standard listings in the Featured package. This is why users have the Free option.

    Please share some thoughts, I am getting confused.

    I tried to solve this issue by making the featured package as single-listing, not multi. But then if the user tries to buy it, it doesn't show up among the options to buy.

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    Renew mean renew, upgrade/change. For example if you use free listing A, you can press renew and choose paid listing B, or another free listing B, or the same free listing A again. There is an option that renew also update post date. Meaning that once renew, listing posting date will be update, and listing jump to top as new listing

    I read your post 2 times and still don't understand the first part meaning, sorry for my bad english. As for standard and featured difference. Featured always stay on top no matter how old it is, and has special color.

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    Thanks your answer Wei. That makes sense if you see the listings. But all my screenshots are made from "My Packages" user menu. From there I can see the packages I have. If I renew the free one... it just says "The listing package has been successfully renewed." Ok. I can do that infinitely, as it is free and it will never expire, so not clear why it needs a Renew button.

    as for the Featured, there is an option that makes the package as single-listing.

    But when I do it single, it is not possible to buy from "My Packages" menu. It does not show up.

    Then if I do it multi-listing, it does show up and I can buy it. But then I have this setting, for Featured listings. If this is Featured, why there is a field for Standard in there? I also assume the "Listing live for" days applies for all of them, featured and standard. My idea is that Standard should last longer than Featured. When the Featured expires (in 7 days) it should be removed from the top featured area and kept as a Standard listing until the end of Standard listing (for example in 30 days).

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    I see,

    I have not used the membership option. I only use listing plan so it works differently than yours. (
    I think we should wait for Rudy or Viktor to answer your question.

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    I am not using membership. These are options for listing plans.

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