if user landed to website on google search in to particular category or listings most of the time with location selected, so after viewing a listing or category if user goes to another category or listing or to any other page or refreshing it same location is automatically selected but user doesn't know filtered by location for that he might see less ads or no ads for that particular location, so user leaves the site soon as he found nothing without wasting time, specially on mobile impossible to figure out where is location menu, even i set up the order show on 1 potion its not working on mobile it shows at the bottom, due to this website bounce rate is getting high and page views and website browsing time getting low, some SEO spend time is getting wasted and it less attracts new visitors form google search and other search engines as well , my requirement is just after viewing that ad or category for particular location, if user click another menu or ad automatically selected location should be removed while browsing user could reselect location if he needs because ad views are more prominent than location get new users to website, other vice its more like forcing you can only see that particular location ads only and location is more prominent on this , can some one tell me how to fix this location issue if user goes to another listing or links which previously selected or which he automatically got selected form search engine while landing to website, location should be removed if user goes to anther link or listing ?