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Thread: { location } location tag

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    { location } location tag


    I use the
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    tag in title meta tags, which works great for SEO.
    My site locations are worldwide, so I have Country, State, City in the location tag available.

    At the moment if I'm browsing listings in say Sarasota. My tag will return: United States, Florida, Sarasota.

    If I'm browsing a City, I would like my tag to just show: Florida, Sarasota or Sarasota.
    If I'm browsing a State, I would like the tag to show: United States, Florida or Florida.
    If I'm browsing a Country, then: United States.

    The ideal length for the meta title is 50–60 characters. If the full Country, State, City is used there isn't any space left for the rest of the page title.
    Can anyone suggest a solution?


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    Hi, can anyone suggest a solution or coding to achieve the above?

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    You can use location variables like that:

    {if location} in {if location_level3}{location_level3}, {/if}{if location_level2}{location_level2}, {/if}{location_level1}{/if}

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