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Thread: Regarding account types

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    Regarding account types

    I need your help to understand what is the business case behind the Seller and Buyer account types.

    Usually users do not register having in mind only one thing (sell or buy). A user might register wanting to sell something, but that does not mean that user will not buy. So having to make a choise in the first screen might be confusing.

    Maybe I am missing something. What is the reason to separate the two roles?

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    I suppose it depends on which version of the script you use. But lets say you use auto script I would say seller=dealership that sells multiple items, buyer=general user. When I had my auto classifieds site a while ago that's what I based it on.
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    Ok, I get the point. I don't really think it depends on the script, they all are +- the same.

    However from user perspective, it sounds like "Are you goint to sell or to buy here?" Well... both.

    I think I will rename the account types into something like "Private user" (able to buy and sell) and "Professional/Company" (able to buy and sell too)

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    When I had my auto classifieds I had

    Private Seller
    Car Dealer
    Van Dealer
    Bike Dealer

    They were able to post in all categories as not to restrict them, but they all had their own directory pages set up.

    I suppose if it was lets say general classifieds you would go for like you say

    Private seller
    New Site: CameraSpecs https://bit.ly/3G4uYA6

    Old Site: MotorAdsUk

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