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Thread: Expired ad is wrong date

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    so the system will never know when to delete it.
    The system cron remove listings in 2 steps.
    1st step: The cron expired listings move pay date from the field Pay_date to Loc_address field and clear Pay_date field.
    2st step: The cron delete expired listings with date into the Loc_address field.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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    Well, I don't know, I've tried what you're saying and so the ad won't delete at all after a while.
    So that's not the solution. When the ad expires, cron should not change the date in the Pay_date field in the database to zero.
    Since the cron says to update the pay_date field when it expires, this is not good. The date the ad was posted should remain fixed in the Pay_date field.

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