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Thread: Some things about rainbow theme and 4.9

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    Some things about rainbow theme and 4.9

    I dont get how to do some of the things in this new patch and the new theme.

    How to change icons for listing types ?
    How to get the phone icon on listings?
    How to get "CONTACT SELLER" and "CALL SELLER"

    Possible to have the menu bar on the front page. Right now people have to do a search to get to the categories.

    Change the logo.svg in illustrator. Upload the svg and now i don't have a logo. It wont show up.
    I have tried cognito mode and different devices but it wont show.

    Probably more things that will come but this are my problems so far
    Like the theme

    Also what have you done to the forum, so annoying to have it threaded view or what ever it's called.
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    Note that this template is compatible with the classifieds script. We'll adapt it for other scripts later

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    I have classified script

    Also the listings are not centered / fit the "box" as you can see in the picture.

    Screenshot 2022-03-07 at 14.14.20.png

    But maybe thats because i miss the phone icon ?
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    As always i find some of the things after i have done the post >.< i got the phone icon to appear.

    It was under > Basic Settings -> Listings -> Call Owner button in listing details (enable)
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    But why is the Telephone field so complicated?
    Why don't you make a blank field for the phone?
    In Italy the () and the - sign are not used.
    Only one field without brackets and various signs.
    I think it's easier for everyone around the world

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    Same in sweden, we dont use any sign in our phone number
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    Same in Norway and elsewhere in Europe..

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    How to edit the logo? I edited the logo but it doesn't show up.

    When i go to the image directly on the site it's huge.
    All i did what to replace the "Classified" text on the logo.svg and saved it

    Else i just switch to standard logo.png
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    Make sure the logo has the same file type, I haven't use the rainbow template yet so I'm not sure. But I assume it would be png and not svg? Then your logo should be png as well. Or if you still want svg, try to change code in style.css file and change the logo.png extension from png to svg.

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    The file is svg and I saved it as svg
    Didn’t change the image size or anything
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