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Thread: Affiliate plugin question....

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    Affiliate plugin question....


    I have not yet purchased the affiliate plugin, but I do have a question regarding it.

    Is it possible to set it up so I could pay affiliates for free listings? It's just a thought to see if populating the website by setting up affiliate links for free listings is possible? I would also have premium packages. But free packages are what I am curious about. Purpose, to help bring ads onto the website.

    Promo offer for affiliates: I would also like to know if I could offer a promotional (Tangible) gift for a specific amount or ad package as well?

    So for example, If one of my affiliates gets x amount of orders or a specific amount of money (from any premium ads package sale I offer) they will receive a free gift. I understand that I could just send the free gift to them when they bring x amount of orders (or package sale), but could there a be message/notification sent to both the admin and the affiliate so the admin is reminded to send them the gift, (also their shipping address needs to be on file since it will be a tangible item) and the affiliate member also gets a notification they will receive a gift.

    Or even better for the promo feature: Is it possible to set a threshold amount, say when they have reached $100 in their affiliate account they will receive a message that they may choose to receive that payment, or a tangible item that will be shipped to them via postal mail.

    Update: I have purchased the Affiliate plugin. I am working on it...I will start a new thread if I run into any problems.

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    Thank you - Your Welcome

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