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Thread: Newsletter plugin - double opt in?

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    Newsletter plugin - double opt in?

    Am I missing something or Newsletter plugin does not do double opt-in? It just asks via email to unsubscribe, but not to subscribe? This can't be...?

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    Any comment on this? Right now anyone can subscribe any person to the mailing list.

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    Hello Riba,

    Yes you are right. If you want confirmation for subscribe via email it will be customization for you or you can wait 2-3 weeks and we will implement it in new version of the plugin.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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    Glad to hear it is being considered, just wanted to check what is the status. Thanks!

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    Hello Viktor,

    did you implement the double opt in into the newsletter plugin? I ask, because i can`t find this feature...

    Best regards,


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