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Thread: possible search by location bug

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    Question possible search by location bug

    Hey boys I'm not sure if this is a bug, if not how can I??

    This is what I'm trying: I added few ads with same name, same category but different locations/countries, when I type in search bar it shows ads with that name from all location/countries. Flynax automatically detects user's location, so by default includes user's location in search bar like that particular "city" in the picture below.

    but issue is: it doesn't. I need to manually type that particular location in order to get results filtered.


    In this picture location is automatically inserted in search field (I noticed only city is by default in search bar) so in search results Ads aren't filtered, showing every single ad from any location instead)

    When manually attached location: as you can see In Autocomplete the format text also includes Country+City in that case, search results are filtered correctly.

    How can I fix this?

    have a good one
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