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Thread: Is anyone using Flynax on a high volume site?

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    Is anyone using Flynax on a high volume site?

    I bought this software a few years back and I am just getting around to using it. Is anyone using Flynax on a high volume site? By high volume I mean more than 100,000 listings. I plan to have thousands of listings when I launch this and I just noticed something strange on the Flynax site demo.


    Just go to that page and do not change anything or set any search fields and leave them all to the default "any" for the default city of San Francisco. Then go to the bottom of the page and select the "LOAD MORE LISTINGS"

    After the 12th time to select "LOAD MORE LISTINGS" and their are a lot of listings already displayed the "LOAD MORE LISTINGS" get slower. At the 15th time it gets really slow. At the 16th or 17th time it completely locks up and never comes back to life.

    I really, really, love this software and as far as I can tell it is 100% the best classifieds software package on the market but the demo has less than 500 total listings.

    Please don't take this post as something wrong with the script as maybe it is just something with the wrong setting.

    Any Ideas Viktor?
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    I have about 5000 listings on mine. Try testing on my site.

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    Yes the same happens on my site swell, when I hit about 16 presses, but I wouldn't expect the users to press that many times (although I bet there are a few that would). You would expect they would do a proper search.

    My site currently has about 450 listings currently (but my sites not a for sales site, more of a database of specifications) I anticipate hitting about 5 - 6000 listings by the time I am done....this is going to take me forever haha
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    Hi guys...

    I working with this wonderful script at 300.000 listings. I think runs very good.
    My target is more than 1M. About this button i do not know because i use carousel with a limitation.
    The only problem is with filter plugin.after 50.000 listings is very slow.it wants customization.
    So for the time i use the standard search of script.


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    I had the same issue with 250,000 listings. Pagination crawled. I wish there was integration with Elastisearch or Algolia.

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    It will require time to explore this service to integrate it into the script and it definitely won't be cheap

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