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Thread: Comments plugin issue

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    Comments plugin issue

    I find I have a slight issue when adding a comment with the stars.

    On iMac I find for the stars selection difficult to register sometimes.

    Selecting a star is fine, its when the curser is moved over the top whilst navigating the page.

    If I select a star and move the curser directly up or down that's fine. But if I then move the curser over the top (not pressing anything) it disengages the selection.

    or if I select a star and move the curser directly to the right (going over the top of the next star) it disengages the selection.

    Hope that make sense


    As it stands if you add the content block of this plugin onto the user account page and go on an individual user it will show the amount of comments set by everyone.

    But I think if its on a specific user it should only show their comments and not others.
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