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Thread: System Type Pages 404 not found

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    Question System Type Pages 404 not found


    I've successfully installed flynax and the landing page renders properly and I understand that the static pages need to be manually created but the system pages I'm assuming should be automatically rendered. The problem is, I'm getting 404 errors with system pages. Are there any ideas in terms of what I need to do to make these system pages render?


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    System page is supposed to do some actions with database or others, it's more than just static page and the page should have it's own php "controller" and also template file:

    - php file under includes/controllers/
    - tpl file under templates/template/tpl/controllers/

    on the home page system page example


    So there is condition to check if files of system page are not in the places script shows 404 error. Script doesn't create the files automatically.

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    Hello Mike,

    Thanks so much for your reply. I've checked a handful of system files and for instance, search has both the includes controllers file and the template controllers files. Since these files exist but its still not recognizing, is there additional configuration that needs to take place?



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    Hmm, as i remember there is no additional check.

    Just check it once again and make sure that all properly configured, controller field for the page has files name in it.

    On search page example:
    Controller = search
    php file search.inc.php
    tpl file search.tpl

    If this is correct but you still see 404 could you pm me admin panel and ftp login details i will check what's wrong. Maybe i forgot something.

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