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Thread: I am so happy and impressed with FLYNAX Support

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    I am so happy and impressed with FLYNAX Support

    What can I say about Flynax Support? I am very impressed with their assistance and solutions to questions and problems I have with my flynax installation.

    First of all they assisted me in fully integrating a very large vbulletin community with more than 125K members with flynax classifieds. Now user base is integrated and one can login or register in either the flynax classifieds or the vbulletin forum. I had some other problems like subdomain redirection, rss feeds, pdf export but they were sorted out in time. There were occasions when support was delayed but I did understand the workload and pressure the support staff are handling everyday.

    Likewise I am putting in a kind word to John who was very patient and impressive in my request for assistance. I had thousands of listings in an old photopost classifieds section in my website which I asked him to migrate. It was a paid support, true, but very well worth every penny. I had requests which he facilitated and was very patient about it.

    I can say that I am very happy and impressed with the quality of the migrated listings.

    Good work Flynax Support. I have several items lined up for paid support and you will be hearing from me very soon!

    Keep up the good work!


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    Sales Department David's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    Hello Noel,

    Thank you for your positive feedback and patience.

    We will do our best to keep up good work.

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    You're welcome David! I just contacted support for a template customization and am looking forward to excellent work.


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    Flynax developer John's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    Hi Noel,
    We approved your testimonial on the main website, thanks for so positive feedback, we appreciate it very much!


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