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Thread: Automatic bidding in Auctions like Ebay and most other auctions

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    Automatic bidding in Auctions like Ebay and most other auctions


    All other auctions I have ever used allow you to specify a maximum bid on an item and the system will bid on your behalf, if required, automatically until it reaches your maximum. An auction system without this seems very out of date.


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    Unfortunatly it is what it is. We have asked for many changes in the auction,shopping cart and shipping.

    It will most likely not be what u expected. Seems like a very complicated plugin to code and rework.

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    Yes it would appear so. Not sure why they have plugins that clearly do not work as they should. I have had the Shopping Cart button and the Buy Now button physically removed from the adverts as they do nothing but break the Auction process - even with the Shopping Cart option disabled! Still working on the process in general as neither the Seller or Buyer get any information on how to contact each other at the end of the Auction! That makes it hard to say the least! Will persevere as having the Auction option is what attracted me to Flynax in the first place. I had no idea it was different to every Auction I had every dealt with! Have been quoted $150 to modify it but not really confident it would happen correctly. Very hard to get ideas across sometimes. I do hope communication will improve over time.

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