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Thread: business idea with flynax software

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    business idea with flynax software

    I have this domain flippalot.com, nice brandable and usable domain.

    I want to create a membership listing site for fully functional websites ,businesses and apps for sale and auctions, similar to flippa.com
    If i look at flippa.com the listings are alot similar to flynax structure.
    Surely there,s some space and scope for sites like this, i dont want to compete with flippa but think there's an opportunity here.

    I have looked at wordpress scripts and the likes for this but as we know and the users on here can agree that the flynax script is the most stable and safest script out there to do something like this, although its a bit damp here and there its doable?

    anyone interested in this venture and want a 50% share to help me setup this with flynax?
    whats your thoughts?
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    Nice idea

    I looked at Wordpress for mine but figured I was gonna end up downloading a plugin for what I needed and be stuck with that plugin design and features so I decided if I used the Flynax script I could get Flynax to customise it how I wanted when I needed it. And especially for the amount of data and fields I am entering Flynax seemed a great choice.
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