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    External Pages...


    Quick question: Is the external page functionality only for pages that are not hosted on the same domain as flynax script? I was wondering because i wanted to use the external page to link to another script already setup in another path on my server (same as my flynax install) but different path than where flynax is installed, but when I did that, the link was incorrect, did not return correct path in the url, the external url, was: https://www.worldclassads.com/classifieds/external.html I want it to be https://www.worldclassads.com/recipman/ how can I make that possible? Reason for me wanting to do link to 'external page' is because I want to be able to go to the https://www.worldclassads.com/recipman/ url and have that page in my account menu (after someone is logged in)

    Could it be entered into the code (hard code the url) in the account_menu template?

    I tried it, in a very simple way, and it does work, but I know I will forget that link is there, I would prefer to use the pages area in admin if possible?

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    I've corrected the code for external pages, now you can use any urls

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    I want to do the same thing but the program won't find the page. I loaded test1.html to the root directory and entered test1.html to External page URL. I get Undefined page error.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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