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Thread: News in flynax script

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    News in flynax script

    I had a customization done by victor on the news section.
    Added the ability to add an image to the titles.
    Was working great and then i upgraded to a new script.
    I then copied the backed up changed files over and some css.
    Now im getting an sql error.
    I think there should be a table or something in the database that is not there now.

    My question is:
    Are the news files all the same for all the scripts?
    I went from general classifieds to boat classifieds on my one site.
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    If you have paid customization done by flynax, just reply to the customization ticket and Viktor will check for you. In my opinion, this could be an easy fix and won't cost you anything extra.

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    Probably, some field from the customization is missing in the database after the update

    so you should ask Viktor in his ticket to check it

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