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Thread: Average Price 1.0.2 is Bugged Again

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    Average Price 1.0.2 is Bugged Again

    The Content box for a iisting indicates: "We used 4 listings"

    When I click on the "4 Listings" link it shows the four related listings with the following amounts:

    1. 10,195,141
    2. 10,000,000
    3. 10,000,000
    4. 10,000,000

    The Plugin indicates that the Average Price of the 4 listings is: 247m.

    Obviously, this is wrong as it should be about 10,000,000.

    Also, the plugin for another listing is showing a "High Price" of 326m

    The fix that Flynax provided for me last week was working 100 percent perfectly.

    It appears that all the changes done for me were erased by today's update and the plugin is back to where it was before my fix.
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    I am bumping this for the week

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    You'd better create a ticket or keep discussion in the existing one

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    I opened a ticket:

    - IXM-679515

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