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Thread: Pages' WYSIWYG Toolbar

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    Post Pages' WYSIWYG Toolbar

    Just updated to 4.8.2 and it is wonderful and well built.

    One quick question.

    I noticed the Flynax demo has the Advanced WYSIWYG toolbar on "Pages" (see attached images)

    However, my "Pages" has the Non-Advanced WYSIWYG on Pages (see attached images)

    Just wondering if there is a setting to changes this or is it a code change?

    Also, it does not appear that some functions like "Enter" seem to work.

    Demo - Privacy Policy.png

    My Privacy Policy Page.png

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    Flynax developer Rudi's Avatar
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    You need to select Basic in Basic Settings > Dashboard > FCKeditor bar view

    to extend the toolbar

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    Do we select Basic or Default?

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    Flynax has thought of everything.

    Just testing the WYSIWYG toolbar on pages and all works as expected.

    Thanks, Rudi for the 5-star support!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Guagliardo View Post
    Do we select Basic or Default?
    Basic has is way too simple for me.

    The "Basic" is really advanced and does almost everything you need to format the page.

    The "Basic" formating is especially needed for the Terms & Condition page that requires a lot of different types of formating.

    Being a lawyer, I put a lot of effort into that page.
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